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The Competition For You - 6/26/22

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Let It Go, Trinity Lutheran Church, Brattleboro, VT, June 26, 2022 We all have attachments to material things. We all love and value our possessions of course, but for some folks these things can become their identity. The house, the job, the car, the boat, the check book, the list can go on and on. Some of us go from one attachment to the next. We are attached to one job, then another… from one house, then the next… from one car to the next… We never really arrive. So what is it that you cling to? Let go of the attachments… live in Christ. That is the way to peace. Our service is outside today at Trinity's beautiful back yard altar. Sound quality is not the best, but the birds are singing and it is beautiful here. We appreciate the good, and do our best with the technology. Pastor Jon Heydenreich presides, joined by Ron Solberg as assistant, Kris Grotz-Kuch as reader, and Laura Josephs on piano. No matter who you are in your walk of faith, or where you are in that journey, you are invited to the communion table at Trinity Lutheran Church. Trinity Lutheran Church is an ELCA congregation, more or less traditional and relaxed, and a Reconciling in Christ congregation where all are welcome.

Production Date: 
Sunday, June 26, 2022 - 12:15

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