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Organizational Membership

BCTV has a long history of partnering with non-profit organizations to raise awareness of community issues and causes. Any nonprofit organization having an office in Windham County and serving Windham County residents is eligible to join BCTV as an organizational member. Unincorporated groups with a nonprofit mission, such as a commercial entity engaging in a charitable cause, may also apply for membership. While you're a member, your organization has access to all of the benefits below. Choose whatever is right for your organization and get started creating a video presence to share with the greater Brattleboro community and beyond!

How to Join:​

To apply for membership, please download and complete the nonprofit membership applicationThe fee can be paid by sending a check to BCTV along with your application; or by filling in this online form and making a payment via the PayPal button below the form.

The membership fee is based on the number of employees:

  • 0-2 Full time Employees : $50/year
  • 3-5 Full time Employees : $100/year
  • 6 or more Full time Employees : $150/year

Your Benefit Choices: Once you've decided which benefit is the right fit, email to schedule or for more information.

One show produced by BCTV staff 
Choose either: 
1) Studio Show: 30-minute "BCTV Open Studio" moderated interview program in the BCTV Studio, with your graphics and images. Learn more about Open Studio.

2) Recording of your organizational event (maximum 90 minutes of recording time). 

Your program is broadcast on BCTV for two weeks and available on-demand. Request coverage in advance using this form.

Classes & Workshops in Video Production

Up to four of your employees or volunteers may register for BCTV's video production classes, or arrange for a custom training that meets your specific needs. As a group, your first class is free, with a small charge for further training. If you create your own video series, viewers will be able to find all of your videos at one link. Learn how to upload your videos to BCTV's website and maintain your online presence.

Check out video production gear at no cost

Your trained volunteers or staff will have free use of our video production equipment to check out and create videos to show on BCTV. BCTV staff provide one-on-one support throughout projects.

Post slides and PSAs on our Community Bulletin Board

This runs 24/7 between programs on channels 8 and 10. You can submit full-screen images or short videos. Submission guidelines are here.

See examples of slides at the bottom of this page.

Examples of Nonprofit Member Programming

BCTV Open Studio