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BCTV offers equipment for Field Production and Studio Production to volunteer producers who've been trained and certified to use it.


Field Production

  • Check the Equipment List for a detailed description of the cameras and gear available to you.
  • Call or email BCTV to reserve equipment. Let the staff know something about your project so they can make sure you have all the gear you need. Here's how to enter your show online so we're aware that it's in progress.
  • Arrive at BCTV on time to check out and review any settings or get more instructions before you set out. The equipment is expected to be returned the next day unless you get special permission.


Studio Production

BCTV's all-HD studio can be used for productions ranging from live multi-camera shoots using the green screen, to single operator shoots that will be edited later. Our production switcher is designed to be user friendly and can be tailored to your level of technological comfort.

Once you've been certified to operate the studio, contact BCTV to reserve the studio for your production. If this is going to be a regular series, we will work with you to find a time that doesn't conflict with other studio series.


BCTV has three MacPro edit suites running Adobe Premiere dedicated for volunteer use. Edit time is scheduled in blocks up to 4 hours long during BCTV's office hours. Call the office or email


Blank Media

We encourage volunteer producers to bring their own SDHC cards or a 1 TB portable hard drive to have access and control of personal video files at all times. If you check out one of BCTV’s SDHC or compact flash cards, your files will be copied to a shared producer hard drive and maintained for a period of a month. Note: camera kits include card readers, so you can copy your files to a convenient location prior to returning the equipment.


Policies & Procedures

Familiarize yourself with BCTV's Policies and Procedures. This document governs the use of BCTV's equipment, which is a shared resource much like a lending library. The policies are in place to make sure all BCTV members have equal access to the equipment, and that the equipment is kept in good working order for the next person who uses it.