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Voices That Call To Us 4/30/23

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  • Testing, Trinity Lutheran Church, Brattleboro, VT, April 30, 2023
  • John 10:5 The sheep will not follow a stranger… the thief comes to steal and destroy. Jesus said, ‘I have come that you may have life and have it abundantly.’
  • Today Pastor Jon's message focused on John Nash, a Nobel prize winning mathematician who taught where Pastor Jon attended college. Mr. Nash heard voices in his struggle with schizophrenia.  In a healthy phase he was approached (in the movie, “A Beautiful Mind”) by Nobel prize representatives who told him he was nominated for the Nobel prize.  Not trusting the voices he heard he turned to one of his students to confirm that there were men speaking to him. He tested the voices he heard, to be sure they were real. 
  • Test the voices that surround you. Some voices can be tempting and can lead us to a lifestyle which is not good for us. They can lead us to see all that is perceived as askew in life. 
  • God will lead us to life. Listen. Walk away from the rest. Turn off the noise.
  • Pastor Jon Heydenreich presides, with Jeff Herman-May assisting, Beverly Wolf reading, and Laura Josephs on piano.
  • No matter who you are in your walk of faith, or where you are in that journey, you are invited to the communion table at Trinity Lutheran Church. Trinity Lutheran Church is an ELCA congregation, more or less traditional and relaxed, and a Reconciling in Christ congregation where all are welcome.
Production Date: 
Sunday, April 30, 2023 - 15:15

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