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Church Service - 10/17/21

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Rejoice For Other People, October 17, 2021, Trinity Lutheran Church, Brattleboro, VT Be the One” is our fall theme, with the emphasis on being the one who acknowledges our blessings. We began with a consideration of how we have benefited from another’s goodness. A few weeks ago we expanding our idea of thanksgiving to include being thankful for what we have been able to give to another. This week we take it further – being thankful for the blessings others have received – such as family or friends. And let us go one step even further – being thankful for what we have learned from the day’s “pitfalls.” In other words can I give thanks for that fender bender – as it has moved me to drive more carefully…. Or give thanks because when I said those ill-advised words I now realize more fully my limitations and my need to get more rest so I do not open my mouth so readily… We can be sorrowful, yet rejoicing. It takes spiritual work. Pastor Jon Heydenreich presides, joined by Ron Solberg as assistant minister, Diane Hill as reader, and Laura Josephs our musician. No matter who you are in your walk of faith, or where you are in that journey, you are invited to the communion table at Trinity Lutheran Church. Trinity Lutheran Church is an ELCA congregation, more or less traditional and relaxed, and a Reconciling in Christ congregation where all are welcome.

Production Date: 
Thursday, October 21, 2021 - 11:15

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