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How to send videos to BCTV

For video files:

If you want to upload a video clip from your computer or device, you can drag it to BCTV's online portal which will take files up to 10GB. Be sure to add any info you'd like us to include with the video in the description field (title, participants names, trim times, etc): Click to send video (opens in new browser tab)

For video links:

If you've got a finished link show on YouTube or Vimeo, you can create a BCTV account and submit shows through our producer hub.

  • On the top bar, click on Login and create an account.
  • Once you've created an account, click the "Create a New Show" button, and enter your program info.
  • You''ll see the handful of required fields (title, description, etc) starred in red.

A few helpful tips:

All in One Place: All the required fields are in  the 'Enter Program Info' tab. If your show is done, use the 'Submit Your Video' tab as well to add your youtube or vimeo link.

'Add Show' vs 'Add Series': Use the 'Add Show' button, even for shows that are part of an exisiting series. The Add Series button is used ONLY to create a brand new series that does not exisit on BCTV's website yet.

Producer: put your name here (this is how it will be displayed)

Description: You can write a lot here and all of it is searchable. For instance, you can put the names of your production crew, anyone you want to acknowledge, anything you want to say about your video. Note: If you are cutting and pasting, please click 'Disable Rich Text', paste your text and then click 'Enable Rich Text' to help remove formatting.

Production Date: Use the calendar to select when the video was produced - all of our videos are organized chronologically by production date. This is a required field. Make sure not to leave the time of day blank. If you're not sure what time of day the video was recorded, just put 12:00.

Links: This field is for external links (i.e. the official website of the show's featured guest) NOT for the link to the actual video--that goes in the 'Submit Your Video' tab.

Program Length: get this from your YouTube video if that's the way you're submitting it. If you're submitting before the video is done enter your best guess for how long it will be.

Legal Requirements:  These two boxes are required. Explanation of legal requirements is on the Releases & Legal tab.

Producer Hub: You can click back to the Producer Hub at any point by clicking 'My Account' on the side menu and track when your shows are playing out, make changes to existing shows, and add new ones.