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Small Group Video Production Workshops

To express interest in attending one of the trainings below: email or call 257-0888. We will either schedule an individual training or pull together 2-3 people with similar interests and abilities.

Camera Fundamentals

Whether you want to learn more about BCTV's array of field equipment, or are simply looking for ways to make your field productions look and sound better, BCTV's Camera Fundamentals course provides a baseline of technical and theoretical knowledge about the art of using a video camera, making it the perfect companion to our Camera Flash Certification.

Intro to Editing with Adobe Premiere

Designed to foster fundamental editing skills as well as the storytelling compents of assembling your project. We'll cover capturing footage, cutting, and adding transitions, special effects, titles and audio tracks. No footage or previous editing projects required.

Advanced Editing Tips & Tricks

An intensive workshop focused on advanced editing and post production techniques. Master the complete tool pallete, learn to utilize color correction filters, chroma keying, audio editing tips and tricks, and more. Basic computer and non-linear editing experience suggested.

Studio Production

Learn how to create your own multi-camera studio productions using the equipment in BCTV's all-HD Studio. From live switching to graphics, audio to floor management, with a dose of on-camera work, this group workshop takes live production to the next level. No prior experience required.

Video on any Device
You don't need a production van of gear to make world class video anymore--these days you don't even need a video camera. Learn how to put the rapidly expanding world of video technology to use, whether your cell phone, tablets, flip-cam, webcam, or still cam, making good looking video has never been more accessible. Plus, get tips and tricks on uploading, sharing, converting, compressing, and archiving your video creations. No prior experience required.

Audio for Video

Nothing sets a video production apart like good audio. Get the pros and cons on an array of different microphones, and the dos and don'ts of audio recording in the field, plus an introduction to the art of sound design. Basic video knowledge suggested.


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