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Video Camp

2020 Virtual Video Camp: Crowdsourced Cinema !

Due to COVID-19, BCTV will not hold an in-person camp this summer. Instead, BCTV's video campers will create videos at home and online using skills and techniques used for many years at our camp.

We will create commercial parodies, movie trailers and/or whatever campers are enthusiastic about.

In addition we plan to participate in a Crowdsourced Cinema Vermont. Find out more here:

Public access stations in Vermont will follow the model of Crowdsourced Cinema, a program run by Northampton Open Media in western Massachusetts, in which individuals and groups sign up to produce a scene from a feature film, and are encouraged to take creative license with casting and film techniques. Watch Crowdsourced Cinema films here.

This year the film will be Cast Away. BCTV will be assigned 1-2 scenes (G-rated) by the organizers, and then it's up to our group how to reproduce the scenes at home using cell phones, BCTV's video equipment, and our imagination!

Campers will attend online Zoom sessions 1 - 3:30 PM daily to learn video and audio production, plan how to replicate the scenes, and produce them in two weeks. Scenes from all over the state will be assembled into a complete film that is uniquely Vermont-made, and the entire 'crowdsourced' film will be premiered in September.


Required to participate: Access to a computer, webcam, internet connection, Zoom, and assistance from family members.

Deadline to register: July 15, 2020 at 5 PM

Ages: 9-12

Minimum: The camp will be held if 4 campers register by the deadline.

Maximum: 7 campers

Dates for two-week camp:

Actively online weekdays 1-3:30 PM, with some at-home assignments

Week 1: July 20-24

Week 2: July 27-31


Cost per family: $75.00


Questions? Contact Frederic Noyes, Lead Instructor or Vlasta Popelka, BCTV Operations Manager

Watch videos from past camps


Register by mail or online

Download Registration Form (PDF) - download form and mail with your check to:
BCTV, 230 Main Street, Suite 201, Brattleboro, VT 05301

OR register and pay online using the Google Form and PayPal button below.

Pay online using PayPal by clicking the Button below. Please call the office at 257-0888 with any questions or problems registering online.


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