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Field Production

Field Production refers to video captured "out in the field," as opposed to in a studio environment.

BCTV's field production equipment is arranged into six camera kits. When you check out a kit, you'll have all the gear you need for a multitude of situations:

  • Batteries & power cord
  • SDHC card
  • Tripod
  • LANC controller for remote zooming
  • Headphones
  • Shotgun mic on the camera
  • Handheld mic and cable for a second audio source (Canon XA10 only)
  • Card reader - in case you want to copy files to your computer before returning


BCTV Field Production Equipment

    Quantity Available  

Canon XA10

Equipped with Canon's all-pro image sensor and two balanced XLR audio inputs, the XA10 offers all the options of a pro-camcorder with none of the weight or size restraints. Shoot hours of full 1080p Final Cut ready files, all to an affordable SDHC card. Read the manual here. 2 kits

Canon XA20

Building on the success of Canon's super lightweight but fully capable XA10 camcorder, the XA20 adds a powerful 20x zoom lens to the mix--doubling the reach of its predecessor--as well as adding fully automatic gain control to its two Class-A XLR inputs, along with adding a new set of fully integrated wifi features like direct clip upload, online video sharing and more.

2 kits

        Canon XA15

 A compact run-and-gun camera that is suitable for ENG, event coverage, and independent and documentary filmmaking. It incorporates SDI, mini-HDMI, and composite outputs. The camera features a 1/2.84", 1920 x 1080 CMOS sensor that captures video at various frame rates up to 59.94p, including a 24p mode for a more cinematic feel. This is the updated version of the XA20 (don't let the name throw you off) 2 kits

        Canon Vixia

Canon's VIXIA HF S20 Dual Flash Memory Camcorder features 1920 x 1080 HD recording, 3 storage options, and a myriad of useful features and functions. The HF S20 camcorder features Native 24p, 24p Cinema mode, and 30p Progressive mode for high quality digital capture. It has dual SD card slots. It is light weight. Great for run-and-gun shooting. 2 kits

        Canon 80D

The EOS 80D camera features an impressive auto focus system and that amazing Canon color videographers have come to love from DSLRs. The 80D is a workhorse and gives you professional-looking footage. This kit includes a Rode on-camera mic and three lenses. 1 kit  

Sony Z5U

Sony RX10ii

Get into the world of large sensor, bokeh-licous video with BCTV's hybrid stills and video beast, the Sony RX10ii. Capable of 4k recording, incredible 240fps slow-mo at full HD, great low light video, all in a tiny package--this kit is great for shorter form run and gun stuff. Included with the kit is a faster SD Card for shooting 4k video, extra batteries, and a portable shoulder bag. 1 kit

       Panasonic GH2

This mirrorless Micro Four Thirds is the predessor to the ever popular GH4. It has great color and no record time limit. This kit has one lens and a on-camera mic. 1 kit
Production Accessories - available for check out  


Perfect for filming on the move, the monopod offers the mobility of handheld and the stability of a tripod. With a full size pan bar up to 10 pounds of weight mounting, the monopod offers full control and expanded flexibility to any of BCTV’s cameras.  

         Zoom h4n

A great option for recording high-quality audio for cameras that do not have XLR inputs. This is a perfect recorder to pair with a DSLR/Mirrorless camera which do not have XLR inputs. You can then sync up the audio with the video in post production.    
   Handheld mic Often referred to as Vocal Mics, these dynamic XLR microphones provide a wide pick up range, don’t require phantom power, and are virtually unbreakable—making them the perfect all purpose mic. Place them on a table or podium for lectures and panels, hand them out to speakers and performers, or partner them with BCTV’s wireless XLR transmitter.    
Wireless mic Seinheiser’s G2 wireless kit allows you to mic your subject with a lavalier body pack or connect any self powered microphone to an XLR terminal transmitter. It boasts multiple audio outputs for use with any of BCTV’s cameras and a wide range of frequency settings to avoid interference.    

Tabletop mic

Also known as Tabletop or Boundary Mics, PZM’s pick up sound waves reflected off a surface, allowing you to evenly mic a series of subjects seated around a table with a single microphone.    

Floor stand for microphone

 These durable stands come with weighted bottoms and adjustable goose necks.    

tabletop stand for microphone

When a full size mic stand is more than you need, BCTV's tabletop stands come in handy. Perfect for podiums and panels.    

Portable audio mixer

When in-camera audio won't cut it, check out one of BCTV's portable field mixers, like Behringer's XENYX compact line-up. Sporting four XLR Inputs, complete with 48v phantom power and low-noise preamps to rival the pros, plus full USB multi-track recording, built-in effects processing, and a pair of balanced XLR outputs, this mixer is a great choice for live music productions, multi-subject panels, and more.    
Blank Media - TO Purchase  

SDHC card

Shoot up to 20 hrs of video at a time when you check out either of BCTV's Canon cameras. You can check out one of BCTV's cards at no cost, or you can purchase your own.    

Compact Flash card

Shoot up to 3 hrs of video at a time when you check out any of BCTV's Sony cameras. You can check out one of BCTV's cards at no cost, or you can purchase your own.    

     1-4 TB Hard Drive 

For any active producer, owning your own portable hard drive means you can keep more programming files with you (BCTV has a limit) and you always have a backup.