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Jamaica SB Mtg 8/10/15

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Call to Order

00:38  -  Approve minutes of 7/27/15.

01:14  -  Approve time sheets for : town office, listers, highway, transfer station

              Sign Selectboard Orders

              Public Concerns

01:41  - Letter to Selectboard from Ronald Taylor  re:  Taylor Road plowing

06:24  -  Copy notice from State of VT re: application for a restaurant with 20 seats and 3 employees

11:17  -  Judy Flower report - transfer station, town hall well, trees down on wires

33:06  -  Paul Fraser report - sidewalk extension, compost from Windham Solid Waste, River Road

1:04:30  -  Adjourn

Production Date: 
Monday, August 10, 2015 - 18:00

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