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Jamaica SB Mtg 11/24/14

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Jamaica Selectboard Mtg 11/24/14

Opening:  -  Approval of minutes of 11/10/14                    Review and sign Selectboard Orders                    Review and sign timesheets for Office, Highway, Listers, and Transfer Station

3:24  -  Notice from Windham Regional Commission  re: Jamica does not have a representative

4:27  -  Letter to Selectboard from Guilford  re: workshop to discuss Act 148

6:20  -  email from Veda Bassett

8:54  -  Judy speaks about Planning Commission SWOP meeting "What makes Jamaica Special"

12:15  -  Judy speaks about transfer station inspection

14:25  -  Town hall well update

15:20  -  New sign for Post Office

21:15  -  Karen Ameden addresses the board  re:  Thanking Andy Coyne for work done

Production Date: 
Monday, November 24, 2014 - 17:45

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