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Jamaica SB Mtg 10/13/14

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Jamaica SB Mtg 10/13/14


0:25  -  Approval of minutes2:18  -  Approve time sheets for town office, listers,highway, transfer station2:25  _  Public concerns  -  Beverly Kay Hamilton came before the board about putting up a sign      for her new business11:15  -  Update from WSWD (re Act 148) with Lou Bruso59:25  -  Windhame Regional Plan59:40  -  Notification from State  -  Home construction59:55  -  Notification from State  -  Water permit for James Konapka1:00:20  -  vote on purchase of Snow plow blade1:04:10  -  Access permit by Grey Rock Properties not filled out1:09:50  -  Letter to Selectboard from Ray Sadler  re: Town trail #71:20:05  -  Service contract for new generator1:23:40 -  Discussion re: Education Funding Reform in VT1:25:50  -  Judy Flower concerns1:34:50  -  Paul Fraser concerns

Production Date: 
Monday, October 13, 2014 - 18:45

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