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Jamaica SB Mtg 7/13/15

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Call to Order

0:22  -  Approve minutes of previous meeting

16:56  -  Approve time sheets for : town office, listers, highway, transfer station

17:06  -  Presentation from Charlie Grant for Cement Plant Solar project on the site of the former     William E Daily, Inc plant off Route 100 in Rawsonville, VT

57:43  -  Notice from State of Vermont re: Education Tax Rates for FY2016

58:40  -  2015 Municipal tax rate

1:00:17  -  Judy Flower speaks to PAYT, Town Hall Well, and Elementary school program

1:11:14  -  Paul Fraser speaks to house numbering issues and howit impacts the Fire Dept, and construction update on Water St, Pikes Falls Road, and the Goodyvale Bridge

1:16:18  -  Lexa Clark speaks to the Park and RIde Grant Program, and Old Home Day

1:17:40  -  Adjourn

Production Date: 
Monday, July 13, 2015 - 18:00

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