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Jamaica SB Mtg 1/26/15

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Call to order

:22  -  Approve minutes of regular and budget meetings

7:12  -  Approve time sheets for town office, listers, highway, transfer station

7:55  -  Sign Warning for town meeting

12:00  -  Letter from Lou Bruso to be on Selectboard again

14:04  -  Adopt Hazard Mitigation Plan

17:05  -  Approve liquor license from Blue Dot Beverage

18:05  -  copy of wastewater system and potable water supply for 2020 South Street

20:48  -  Sign selectboard orders

21:00  -  Lou Bruso reports to the board as new member - speaks about WSWMD

22:12  -  Judy FLower reports to the board on town well, transfer station bag charge for Act 148

34:40  -  Paul Fraser reports to the board about fuel tank repair

39:20  -  Andy Coyne reports to the board re: Act 148 impact on health officer

42:20  -  Lexa Clark reports to the board concerning loose dog issue, Rawsonville Market signage, and condition of sidewalks and possible solution

Production Date: 
Monday, January 26, 2015 - 18:00

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