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Jamaica SB Mtg 1/12/15

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Call to Order

Review and sign Selectboard Orders

Review and sign timesheet for Office, Highway, Listers, and Transfer Station

1:30  -  Presentation from Drew Hazelton, Rescue Inc.

27:15  -  Town Constable Rob Willis reports his concerns about dog issues

41:50  -  Notice from outside Auditors

42:22  -  Notice from State of VT re: Division of Property Valuation

42:50  -  Notice from State of VT re: Rawsonville Marketplace

45:41  -  Request from Vermont Rural Fire Protection Task Force for $100 donation

48:20  -  Notice from Vermont Dept of Environmental Conservation  re: Vermont Shoreland Protection Act went into effect

48:59  -  Letter from Cortland Wood  -  wants to be a member of the Planning Committee

53:30  -  Judy Flower reports on transfer station and Town Hall well

1:02:42  -  Andy Coyne reports on condition of sidewalks in town.


Production Date: 
Monday, January 12, 2015 - 18:00

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