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Jamaica SB Mtg 10/27/14

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Jamaica SB Mtg 10/27/14

00:25  -  Approval of minutes02:55  -  Sign Selectboard orders03:08  -  Letter to Selectboard from Brett Morrison  -  thanking the town for all the work done in buy-out after Irene04:02  -  Planning Commission needs members - operating with 2 now, but need 3 to make decisions.06:41  -  Application from Grey Rock Properties for driveway upgrade08:05  -  Notification from State for town hall well09:11  -  permits from Richard Edgar and E Wilbur Rice for potable water and septic10:43  -  discussion as to signing resolution for sustainable education funding  - Oliver Olsen letter24:30  -  Town Highway map review25:40  -  Judy Flower  update on town hall water and leach field28:30  -  Judy update on transfer station36:45  -  Paul Fraser  -  discussion (with map) of when to close Route 100 next year for repairs58:35  -  Paul note on Ebola1:00:07  -  Lexa Clark update to board about unlicensed dogs in town1:06:25  -  Lexa update on delinquent taxes  ($400 K)1:07:05  -  Lexa update on FEMA Projects.

Production Date: 
Monday, October 27, 2014 - 18:00

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