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Jamaica SB Mtg 2/23/15

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Call to order

0:20  -  Approval of Minutes

1:49  -  Approval of time sheets and sign Selectboard orders

2:04  -  Excess weight permits for Lynde Well Drilling and Miller Construction

4:40  -  Judy Flower speaks to the RFP for Pay as you Throw bags

12:55  -  Lou Bruso speaks about the exemption for caretakers (they are not haulers)

23:09  -  Judy speaks to the board concerning the town well, transfer station and paper pick up issue

34:30  -  Lexa Clark speaks to the board concerning the design of the town garage

39:40  -  Paul Fraser speaks to an Aluminum wheels purchase by the highway department

Production Date: 
Monday, February 23, 2015 - 18:30

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