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Jamaica SB Mtg 12/14/15

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Call to Order

00:40  -  Approve minutes of the 11/23/15 meeting

02:46  -  Approve Time sheets for: town office, listers, highway, transfer station               Sign Selectboard Orders

03:00  -  Public Concerns

03:05  -  Library Trustees: Susan Stomski and Clara Robinson

14:15  -  Notice from state of VT: Drinking water and groundwater protection for property at the end               of Wild Turkey Run

14:56  -  Bond Proposal for new town highway garage discussion

34:56  -  Lou Bruso reports on WSWMD budget

41:32  -  Judy Flower reports on the transfer station and the town well (RFP to be offered)

51:23  -  Paul Fraser reports on the base radio

52:51  -  Andy Coyne reports about water testing

58:31  -  Lexa Clark reports on request to borrow tables from the town


Production Date: 
Monday, December 14, 2015 - 18:00

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