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Jamaica SB Mtg 10/26/15

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Call to Order

00:42  -  Approve the minutes of September 28, 2015

05:49  -  Approve time sheets for: town office, listers, highway, transfer station               Sign Selectboard orders

05:59  -  Public Concerns 0 David Mink re:  Renewal of Village Center Designation

20:20  -  Wastewater permint from State for property owned by town (Highway Garage)

25:24  -  Request from Bill Brice requesting snow plowing on Old Cheney Road

29:44  -  Lou Bruso & Judy Flower report on the WSWMD budget process and concerns for future

1:08:47  -  Judy Flower  -  reports on the transfer station - ratify document

1:16:30  -  Paul Fraser  -  new bulletin board location (transfer station)                                         sidewalk plowing


Production Date: 
Monday, October 26, 2015 - 18:00

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