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Diana Whitney & Cate Marvin

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  • Diana Whitney’s seductive second collection, Dark Beds, juxtaposes the conflicted emotions of motherhood and domesticity with the intoxicating promises of transgression. Fantasies fulfilled or imagined play out against the haunted backdrop of Vermont’s woods and fields, a landscape both harsh and magical, conjuring longing and grief, dissolution and repair. Here we see how time is reflected in our bodies, our children, our choices, and the natural world. This will be the book launch of this new collection. 
  • Cate Marvin’s brilliant fourth poetry collection, Event Horizon, exists just outside of calamity. Set between the violent realm of patriarchy and the bright otherworld of female agency and survival, these are poems of pointed humor and quick intellect, radical exposure and (re)vision. At Marvin’s table, the knife of domesticity becomes a threat, sharpened and shined. Misogyny pulls the sheets  from the bed; motherhood wails from the backseat of the car; at what point do we disappear into our experiences?
  • Everyone is invited to celebrate Diana Whitney’s book launch of Dark Beds immediately following the reading, at Epsilon Spires in the Social Engagement Salon.
  • Cate Marvin’s is the author of four collections of poetry. Her first book, World’s Tallest Disaster earned the Kate Tufts Discovery Award. Marvin is Professor of English at the College of Staten Island and she lives in Scarborough, Maine.
  • Diana Whitney writes across genres with a focus on feminism, motherhood, and sexuality. She is the editor of the bestselling anthology You Don’t Have to Be Everything, winner of the Claudia Lewis Award. She lives in Brattleboro.
Production Date: 
Friday, October 13, 2023 - 13:30

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