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Midlife Changes with Amity Gaige and Caroline Leavitt

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In Sea Wife, Amity Gaige introduces us to Juliet who is failing to juggle motherhood and her stalled-out dissertation on confessional poetry, when her husband, Michael, informs her that he wants to leave his job and buy a sailboat. With their two kids—Sybil, age seven, and George, age two—Juliet and Michael set off for Panama, where their forty-four foot sailboat awaits them. It did not go as planned. In Caroline Leavitt's book With or Without You, an aging troubled rocker argues with his longtime lover on the night before his big break, resulting in the two of them drinking and taking a pill. In the morning he wakes and she doesn't, going into coma. When she emerges, her personality is radically different, causing huge changes for herself, for him, and for the young doctor caring for her. Interviewed by Jenny Altshuler

Production Date: 
Friday, October 16, 2020 - 10:15

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