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Mark Wunderlich/Dan Chiasson - Life and Death

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God of Nothingness is a book for those who have seen death up close or even quietly wished for it. In these poems, honed to a devastating edge, Mark Wunderlich asks: How is it we go on as those around us die? Exquisite in its craft and capaciousness, God of Nothingness is an unflinching journal of solitude and survival.

An extraordinary, often mesmerizing engagement with the nature of identity and other existential trappings, The Math Campers, Dan Chiasson’s new collection of poetry, is a meta-kaleidoscope of literature and literary influence. A geometric swirl of the many faces of the author’s family and friends (particularly his teenage sons), it is colored and blended by the joy as well as confusion that accrues over our scarcely understandable stretch of time.

Production Date: 
Sunday, October 17, 2021 - 04:00

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