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Ann and Tony Gengarelly - Another World

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“This must be another world.”  These opening lines of Hannah Christensen’s poem introduce us to Another World, an extraordinary book of poetry and art by young people, ages 5 to 17, from The Poetry Studio.

The Poetry Studio, founded in 1995 by Ann Gengarelly, is indeed “another world” that inspires imagination and discovery. According to prize winning poet/professor, Bruce Smith: The students’ poems. . . are cracks in the construction, cures for the hurt, color for the bleakness, and challenges to the system.

 These poems of love and rage are counter forces to unfeeling and silence.  They are maps to be consulted when navigating the world. . . Poets participating are former students of the Poetry Studio.

Production Date: 
Saturday, October 16, 2021 - 01:00

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