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Chard deNiord/Elizabeth Powell - The World We See

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With Chard deNiord’s sixth collection of poems, In My Unknowing, we find ourselves in a world beheld by the spark of seeing, on the border of Platonic emission: a world of salt sorrow and red lust, coterminous with everything at once. It is a world about to evanesce, but is as yet legible to us in these masterful poems, which are in themselves a species of musical awareness.

In Atomizer, Elizabeth A. I. Powell examines pressing questions of today, from equality and political unrest to the diminishing of democratic ideals, asking if it is even appropriate to write about love in a time seemingly hurtling toward authoritarianism. With honesty and humor, her poems explore fragrance and perfumery as a means of biological and religious seduction.

Production Date: 
Sunday, October 17, 2021 - 01:00

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