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Josué Cruz

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The Quarantine Sessions are an online resource during these times of social distancing. We've asked visual artists, sculptors, musicians, poets, chefs, and other creatives to submit content through Next Stage Arts Project, based in Putney, Vermont. From local to global and back again, we're providing content during these times of social distancing. We hope you enjoy, subscribe to our channel, and share it with your communities.

Thank you.

About our guest artist: Josué

A lifelong advocate of the arts, Josué Cruz is a Jacksonville, FL-based writer and musician who has released six albums.  He is the lead vocalist of LPT, a 10-piece orchestra delivering salsa and Afro-Cuban music with their high-energy live shows.  LPT came together in 2015 with the mission of keeping legit 'Descarga' salsa alive. The band realized that playing salsa music was a way to share the diversity of the area with a new, young audience, while still giving the seasoned salsa veterans a taste of that old school.  Using the music to bridge gaps between cultures, LPT is well-poised to reinforce the freedom, love and inclusion at the heart of Salsa music and in the hearts of all that enjoy the shows. Josué's talents and passions have afforded him the opportunity to work in arts education, and he still wakes up every morning with the desire to write and play music.

Production Date: 
Sunday, May 31, 2020 - 20:15

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