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Dummerston SB Mtg 7/22/15

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Dummerston Selectboard Mtg 7/22/15


Call to Order

00:50  -  Review and Approve minutes of previous meeting - July 8

01:07  -  Review and approve bills for payment

02:35  -  Friends of the West River Trail  -  discussion

37:20  -  West Dummerston Volunteer Fire Dept  -  New Fire Station

50:00  -  Initial review of proposed zoning bylaw changes

01:12:30  -  Recognition of visitors and public comments

01:24:00  -  Highway report                       Award bids for York rake                        Review and approve curb cut permit on Park Laughton Road                        Review and approve curb cut permit on Rice Farm Road                        Selectboard "road tour"

01:42:15  -  Correspondence for information                        Wastewater system and potable water permint at 251 Leonard Road

01:42:27  -  Correspondence for discussion and /or action                         WRC municipal shared services listserv                          Letter from Melvin Mayo

01:49:00  -  Unfinished business                        Update on personnel policy review                        Update on "Goals"

01:55:36  -  New Business                          Review and sign certificate of change in 2015 grand List

01:57:00  -  Other business

01:59:15  -  upcoming agendas



Production Date: 
Wednesday, July 22, 2015 - 18:00

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