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Dummerston SB Mtg 5/13/15

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Call to Order

:24  -  Review and approve minutes

:54  -  Review and approve bills for payment

2:35  -  Highway report                 Stream alteration permit                  Email from Susan Barry                  Annual project update on Renaud Gravel Pit                 Traffic study request                  approve RFP for paving

20:45  -  Correspondence for action                   Weekly Legislative reports from VLCT                    Dental plans                    April animal intake report from Humane Society22:00  -  Correspondence for Discussion and/.or action                    Invitation from Newfane to co-host VLCT Open Meeting Law training session                    email from Joe Cook   -  Prospect Hill Policy

30:20  -  Unfinished business                    painting specs for Community Center                     Continued update on Personnel policy                     Update on "Goals"                      Report on 5/13/15 Emergency drill                      Appointments / Reappointments

50:36  -  new Business

Production Date: 
Wednesday, May 13, 2015 - 18:00

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