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Dummerston SB Mtg 8/5/15

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Call to Order

0:34  -  Review and Approve Minutes of previous meeting

0:58  -  Review and Approve bills for payment

2:38  -  Recognition of Visitors and Public Comments                  Resident Jonathan Flaccus addresses the board re: traffic intersection issue

9:17  -  Correspondence for Information                   7/23  Info on Windham County Economic Development Program

10:00  -  Correspondence for discussion and/or action                   7/23 email from Dick Virkstis                   7/18 Letter from Lisa Blake                   Notice of 8/13 Rescue Inc Meeting in Brattleboro                   8/13 Emergency Management Transition meeting in Jamaica

14:16  -  Unfinished Business  -  updates on "Goals"

15:16  -  New Business                    Review and sign 7/23/15 ertificate of Change in 2015 Grand List                    Appointment to Planning Commission  -  Sarah Burke                    Brief presentation on VLCT's Employee Assistance Program - Laurie Frechette

19:36  -  Other Business


Production Date: 
Wednesday, August 5, 2015 - 18:00

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