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Dummerston SB Mtg 9/30/15

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Call to Order

00:38  -  Review and Approve minutes of previous meeting  9/16/15

01:10  -  Review and Approve bills for payment

03:43  -  Recognition of Visitors and Public Comments

09:04  -  Road Foreman's Report

46:10  -  Correspondence for Discussion and/or Action                       emails re: traffic / speeding                       Request from Matt Mann at WRC for letter of support - Rt 30 Transit Service Grant                       2016 draft VLCT Municipal Policy and voting delegate forms

52:00  -  Unfinished Business                       Review and possible action on Personnel Policy revisions                       Updates on "Goals"

1:07:30  -  New Business                       Discuss 2016 PACIF Insurance from VLCT

1:08:50  -  Other Business


Production Date: 
Wednesday, September 30, 2015 - 18:00

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