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Dummerston SB Mtg 6/24/15

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Call to Order

0:22  -  Review and approve minutes of previous meeting

0:40  -  Review and approve bills for payment

2:45  -  Recognition of Visitors and public comments

3:44  -  update on Act 250 decision on buffer along brook in front of Town Office

14:45  -  Decision on penalty / waiver for late filers of HS-122 form (homestead declaration)                   email from Suzanne Weinberg

28:14  -  Highway report                   update on Quarry Road culvert project                   ok bid for York Rake replacement

46:35  -  Correspondence - for information                   Letter from VLCT re: FY16 invoice                   6/4 letter from VT ANR re: failed wastewater system replacement at 191 Leonard Rd                   Invitation for 8/13 Emergency Planning Zone Transition mtg. in Jamaica                   Info from VT AOT re: 2016 Municipal Park and Ride grant program                   Letter of apology from Anne Montgomery re: driveway construction 814 East-West Rd                   Continued email correspondence re: speeding/surveillance on East-West Road                   Treasurer's report

58:27  -  Correspondence - for discussion and/or action                    Request from school nurse for assistance from Miller Fund                    Request from Mary Ellen Copeland for an all boards/committees/commissions mtg

1:07:00  -  Unfinished Business                     Update on cancelled site visit at 511 Stickney Brook Rd                     FY 2016 contract with Windham County Sheriff's Dept.                     Update on Personnel Policy review (Jerelyn Wilson)                     Update on 'Goals"

1:19:25  -  New Business                      Review and sign FY16 contract with Windham County Humane Society                      Consider increasing impoundment fees to $30 per day                      Receive proposed Zoning Bylaw changes from Planning Commission1:26:08  -  Make decision on how to handle last minute invoice payments for FY15

1:28:40  -  Other Business

1:31:43  -  Adjourn

Production Date: 
Wednesday, June 24, 2015 - 18:00

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