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Brattleboro SB Mtg 8/4/15

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Brattleboro Selectboard mtg from 8/4/15.

Call to Order 1:50

Approve Minutes 2:25

Chair's Remarks 2:38

Convene as Liquor Commissioners: 3:45-

Approve Special Event Permits for Hermit Thrush Brewery  6:18

Unfinished Business:  6:52

- N.E.A. "Our Town" Grant Discussion

New Business:

A. Restore Library Hours  41:00

B. Business Personal Property Fines - Office of the Assessor  46:30

C. Accept and Appropriate RERP 2016 Grant  49:44

Adjournment  52:46

Production Date: 
Tuesday, August 4, 2015 - 18:15

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