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Brattleboro SB Mtg 10/4/16

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Convene in Executive Session 5:15p

01:27  Approve Minutes from 9/20

01:56  Chair's Remarks

08:21  Town Manager's Comments

13:27  Selectboard Comments and Committee Reports

15:25  Water and Sewer Commissioners:

Abatement of Interest and Penalties for Late Utility Bills

30:37  Unfinished Business:

Police-Fire Facilities Project Update

36: 54  Comrehensive Review of Town Operations (CRTO)

56:26  New Business:

Long Term Financial PLan

1:29:56  Municiple Planning Grant

1:38:51  Public/Private Roads - Bittersweet Lane - Motion, Sched. Visit/Hearing

1:46:25  Cultural Intrigue SBAP Loan - Approval

1:54:08  Recreational Facilities Grant for Dog Park

1:56:14  Windham Solid Waste District Assessment

2:02:11  Proposal to Proclaim the 2nd Monday of October as

               "Indigenous People's Day"













Production Date: 
Tuesday, October 4, 2016 - 18:15

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