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Brattleboro SB Mtg 8/16/16

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Brattleboro Selectboard meeting 8/16/16


Convene regular meeting


01:02  Approve Minutes from 8/4/16 meeting

01:41  Chair's Remarks

05:27  Town Manager's Remarks

08:17  Selectboard Comments and Committee Reports

14:50  Unfinished Business:

Announcement of Selectboard Decision re: Road Reclassification Matters

30:04  Police-Fire Facilities Project Update

58:15  Liquor Commissioners:

Approve 1st class Liquor Permit for FSO, LLC,  d/b/a The Stone Church

1:05:30  New Business:

Financial Report - Monthly Report, July

1:11:48  Brooks Memorial Library Reconstruction Project

1:31:00  Living Memorial Park Swimming Pool - Bid Award

1:42:20  West River Park Seating Area - Bid Award

1:49:50  Push Button Crosswalk Lights - Discussion

2:31:03  Ordinance Amendment-1st Reading - No/Limited Parking Areas

2:37:46  Ordinance Amendment-1st Reading - Repeal Chapter 12

Re: Mobile Homes, Trailers, Etc

2:39:49  ADA Committee - Recommendation to Reduce Membership

2:42:57  Committee Appointment - Energy Comittee
















Production Date: 
Tuesday, August 16, 2016 - 18:15

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