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Townshend SB Mtg 11/03/14

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Townshend Selectboard Mtg 11/03/14

01:09  -  Time sheet problem with town employees02:34  -  Additions and deletions04:23  -  Warrants22:14  -  Highway report36:16  -  Treasurer's report37:04  -  Laura Richardson presents to the board concerning the "Holiday of Horses" parade43:14  -  Thomas Chase letter46:29  -  Henry Pinkney letter  re:  to make Harmonyville a theme park47:44  -  CT River Valley Flood Control52:54  -  Personnel Policy Correction55:29  -  AT and T Tower update56:54  -  FEMA update57:40  -  Stone Arch Bridge Repair update57:54  -  Oakwood Cemetery update1:00:19  -  Municipal Healthcare Policy1:22:09  -  Compactor Attendant  re:  job description1:31:34  -  Professional Audit for $ received  re: Valley Cares and FEMA1:33:09  -  Scheduling of Budget workshops1:35:08  -  Town Report letter (draft)  discussion of how to approach town about changing structure

Production Date: 
Monday, November 3, 2014 - 01:45

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