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Townshend SB Mtg 7/20/15

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Townshend Selectboard Mtg 7/20/15


Call to Order0:26  -  Approval of Minutes0:48  -  Additions and Deletions3:06  -  Bid Openings  -  Municipal Land Sales, RFP Deer Ridge Culvert, Roadside Mowing21:00  -  Members of Public44:51  - Executive Session45:03  -  Results of Executive Session46:50  -  Highway Reports                  Sterling Truck Sale                  Town Garage Gates                  Paving Bids1:03:31  -  Gail Gulack Request1:11:03  -  Law Enforcement1:11:16  -  Treasurer Report1:20:28  -  Warrants1:36:35  -  Correspondence1:36:55  -  Old Business                     Net Metering Agreement with SOVERN Solar: update                     Officer Appointments                     Law Enforcement Contract                     Board of Health: Intent to Issue Health Order Letter1:46:57  -  New Business                      Errors and Omissions2:18:45  -  Break2:19:00  -  Municipal Tax Rates FY2015-20162:35:00  -  Adjourn

Production Date: 
Monday, July 20, 2015 - 18:00

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