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At Landmark: Dr. Jenn McCollum, 'Sexing the Zombie' 10/26/15

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Sexing the Zombie: The Changing Body of a Timeless Global Fixation

“Sexing the Zombie” briefly historicizes the trope of zombies in the arts (literature, fine arts, film, etc.) to show the overlooked but important role of zombies for complicating contemporary discussions about body politics and gender/sexuality issues. The zombie has a rich history that can be traced to cultural representations dating back at least to its religious beginnings in Samaria, Egypt, and Israel. In addition to religious manifestations, incidents such as dancing mania can explain why zombie currency has maintained its value through hundreds of thousands of years of human history. Reaching briefly back into the rich history of zombies in literature shows that the zombie motif is not new; it is, in fact, ancient. Its incarnation through history is interesting and the stakes are high, especially in dissecting our Westernized perception of femininity and masculinity.

Dr. Jenn McCollum is an Assistant Professor of English, Landmark College.

Production Date: 
Monday, October 26, 2015 - 18:00

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