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At Landmark: Dorothea Brauer, 'Queering Education' 3/2/15

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Join University of Vermont LGBTQA Center Director Dot Brauer for a presentation that argues for the need to "queer" existing notions about education in order to keep education relevant in the midst of collapsing social structures and unprecedented cynicism about traditional notions of authority and leadership as Brauer shares her own definition and vision of "queering education" and engages the audience in pursuing provocative questions in search of possibilities.

Dot Brauer is an educator and administrator. Although she grew up in Maryland, Brauer has called Vermont home since 1986. She has worked at the University of Vermont since 1992 and directed the there since 2001. Brauer holds a master's degree in Psychology and is currently working on a doctorate in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies.

Production Date: 
Monday, March 2, 2015 - 18:15

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