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At Landmark: Jennifer Allaway, 'Sexism & Whiteness in Gaming' 11/9/15

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Sexism and Whiteness in Gaming: Beyond the Boys’ Club

Jennifer Allaway has studied the prevalence of sexist practices in the game industry, and how that impacts game content. She considers herself an avid gamer, an advocate for social justice, and a social researcher of this industry. This presentation is based on year-long study on the prevalence of sexist practices in the game industry, and whether that affected game content. This groundbreaking study has been presented at the GDC 2014, PAX Prime 2014, and Indie Game Con 2014, with articles published in Gamasutra and Jezebel. She has recently done narrative design work for Wadjet Eye's Shardlight, launch date TBA. “Neutrality means not calling out sexism when it occurs, which gives it permission to stay. Neutrality and silence are no longer acceptable courses of action if we mean to see serious progress. I hope everyone in the game industry sees these numbers, hears these stories, and does the exact opposite of remain neutral. The more people who stay neutral, the longer it will take for the industry to grow.”

Production Date: 
Monday, November 9, 2015 - 18:30

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