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Part 4 - Compassion, Fear and Safety in Brattleboro

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We hear that fear and unpleasantness is keeping residents and tourists away from Brattleboro’s Downtown. We also hear that a sizable number of Brattleboro residents have no place to hang their hats or spend their days, other than our streets and parks. Brattleboro voters say they want to be a compassionate community. What can we learn about ourselves and our community by looking at this situation through the lens of compassion? Is there a compassionate way forward which includes safety, responsibility, accountability, and legality? A panel of residents with a close and personal eye on these topics will share their experiences and views with the public at Brooks Memorial Library, Wednesday, December 11 at 7:00 pm. The panel will include Jon Potter, manager of the Latchis Theater and Hotel; Brandie Starr, Town Selectboard and GroundWorks; Scott Couper, Main Street resident and Pastor at Centre Congregational Church; James Douglas, a Brattleboro resident with no address; and a representative from the Brattleboro Police Department. This event is free and participation from all in the community is welcome and encouraged. This is the fourth in the fall, 2019 series of Community Conversations on Compassion, looking at hard issues in our community and in our lives through the eyes of compassion. The hope is that these conversations will give us better understanding of what compassion means to us and our neighbors in Brattleboro in 2019, and how it can grow in our personal and public lives.

Production Date: 
Wednesday, December 11, 2019 - 21:30

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