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WWAC: Dr. John Hagen - Violent Extremism in Niger 5/13/16

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Dr. John Hagen presents this talk entitled "American Engagement with Niger: A Case Study on Confronting Violent Extremism in Africa"

A predominantly Muslim nation facing the threat of radical Islamic groups along several borders, Niger has actively sought support from the U.S. However, our government must weigh the significance of Niger’s endemic poverty and troubled history of military coups.

As the academic lead for a U.S. State Department initiative that is helping to develop professional military education for the army of Niger, John Hagen is in a good position to analyze the situation in that country. Niger offers a valuable case study that the U.S. must consider when engaging with African countries to curb strategic threats on that continent due to the spread of violent extremism in Trans‐Saharan Africa.


Production Date: 
Friday, May 13, 2016 - 18:00

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