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Healthcare Session 2 - Where Do We Turn?

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Rural stakeholders now more than ever need to focus on life in rural communities and all the determinants that help rural communities be more well. The session will explore how to grow strategic partnerships at the regional, state, and local levels that can result in radical differences in the health of small towns with few resources. Session participants will be led through an exercise to help you consider and share resources for where to turn when you want to make a difference in the health of your rural community. Need help creating or sustaining excellent healthcare in your community? There is help available and much of it is free. We will have national experts who can help you access resources and discuss how to create systems that work. Learn about the resources available at the state and national level that can help you innovate, collaborate, and identify opportunities. This session will present an introduction to using the Rural Health Information Hub to find resources, opportunities, data, and tools that are available to improve healthcare and wellbeing. We will highlight model programs that have been successful in rural communities across the nation as well as cover key issues that affect the health of rural populations, such as access to healthcare, social determinants of health, health equity, and the rural health workforce.



  • Kristine Sande, Program Director, Rural Health Information Hub
  • Teryl Eisinger, CEO, National Organization of State Offices of Rural Health
  • Alisa Druzba, Director, New Hampshire Rural Health and Primary Care Office
Production Date: 
Wednesday, September 22, 2021 - 11:30