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Newfane SB Mtg 11/20/14

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Newfane Selectboard Mtg 11/20/14

0:42  -  Road Business - Todd Lawley gives the Road Foreman's and Road Commissioner's Report10:18  -  Town Treasurer Maureen Albert-Plascik speaks to the board45:40  -  Williamsville Hall Committee speaks to the board re: Jon Julian, Steve Levine, Judy Harrigan, Brian Harrigan1:04:00  -  discussion of Planning Commission Note Taker1:08:00  -  Conflict of Interest Policy Amendments  -  Tabled1:09:15  -  Rescue Inc Contract1:09:30  -  Personnel  - Self Evaluations and Evaluations1:11:30  -  Windham Regional Commission Adams Brook Grant discussion1:16:40  -  Unfinished Business - Review of Policies1:18:50  -  Correspondence  -  letters read to board

Production Date: 
Thursday, November 20, 2014 - 18:45

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