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DCC: The Essential Beaver 11/15/17

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What a weather year it’s been for North America, with hurricanes and fires and droughts. A group of water management specialists is now gaining much-deserved recognition for their role in mediating droughts and floods- North American beavers. This evening, Patti Smith and Skip Lisle will share the podium to illustrate the value of this keystone species. Patti will share stories, photos, and videos of the beavers she has been studying for the past decade, and some of the other creatures that have joined her on the shores of their ponds. Biologist Skip Lisle has dedicated his career to mediation when human and beaver activities conflict. Learn how these amazing wetland builders can make our landscape more resilient, and how we can help them do it. Co-sponsored by the Dummerston Conservation Commission.

Production Date: 
Wednesday, November 15, 2017 - 07:00

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