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Brattleboro CSRC 10/5/20

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  • 1. Somatic Grounding Practice
  • 2. Check-In Review of Committee Agreements/Old Business
  •     a. Follow up on use of chat (same as last meeting?)
  •     b. Follow up on question about Committee Alternate
  •     c. Follow up on question about meeting with CPCC Committee
  •     d. Follow up on regular meeting schedule
  • 3. Establish Committee Roles for this meeting:
  •     a. Timekeeper:
  •     b. Note-taker:
  • 4. Committee Agreements: Develop initial agreements together in the meeting (from last meeting)
  • 5. Community Engagement: Centering the Voices and Experiences of those Most Impacted by Police Intervention, Danger, & Harm (pg 6-7 of Proposal)
  •     a. Review and Determine Methodologies: How will we gather information?
  •         I. Listening sessions, public forums, anonymous/electronic testimony submission, 1:1 interviews, etc.
  •     b. Being Trauma-Informed: How will we attune to safety while gathering information about people’s unsafe experiences?
  •         I. Privacy/ confidentiality/ de-identifying information, somatic/body-based attunement, expressive/creative opportunities to share
  •     c. Collaborators: Who/what organizations do we want to be sure we are collaborating with? Begin list
  •     d. Plan for scheduling information gathering sessions
  • 6. Information Gathering Tools: Question Design
  •     ○ Begin to design questions for information gathering sessions
  •     ○ Project Scope: Community experiences of safety, danger and harm in Brattleboro & interaction with community safety & human service professionals.
  • 7. Review of Schedule & Planning Next Steps
  • 8. Adjourn!
Production Date: 
Monday, October 5, 2020 - 16:45