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Tell Comcast to Comply with its Contract - Sign the Petition Today

August 31, 2017

Comcast sues Vermont over PEG access requirements - Sign the Petition today!

Here is the petition:

In January 2017, Vermont's Public Utility Commission, as part of renewing Comcast's Certificate of Public Good to operate in Vermont for the next 11 years, required that Comcast give PEG channels the same accessibility and features as other channels on the cable lineup, including access to the Interactive Program Guide and HD channels. Comcast appealed these requirements, claiming that the PUC did not have the jurisdiction to make such a ruling. However, in July, the PUC again ruled in favor of supporting PEG channels and upheld its order. On August 28, Comcast filed for federal relief, claiming again that the state lacks jurisdiction to require these conditions. 

Vermont Access Network (VAN), the alliance of 26 public access stations in Vermont, gained some allies in the fight with Comcast. The Vermont Public Interest Research Group (VPIRG) launched a Petition, urging Comcast to cease and desist from further legal action.

This Petition will raise awareness about this consumer rights issue and lay the groundwork for greater support if and when Comcast files a federal court case--which promises to be expensive (upwards of $100K) for VAN.

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