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The Podcast Studio is open!

January 24, 2020

Cast your pod on BCTV!

We created a small studio on the 3rd floor of the Municipal Center with everything you need - microphones, sound panels, computer, and a giant mural of a bird ---? 

Maybe you're already podcasting somewhere less convenient, or maybe you want some help getting started. BCTV offers our podcasters some of the same creative services that we offer our video producers:

  • training
  • technical assistance
  • editing facilities
  • copyright free music software subscription

In terms of distribution, you can take your audio file and upload it to whatever host you choose, or BCTV will have a podcast channel you can join.

What makes our podcast booth different from others is that we'll also distribute a video version of your podcast on our cable channels and website. This aspect will be very simple (think GoPro), but it can be more complex if you want to make the move to video producer as well. 


Join BCTV as a Member: $25 per year or $15 for students 26 and under

Use Fee: $5 per reservation (with bulk discounts for frequent users)

Contact Vlasta to schedule a tour or book your first reservation.