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BCTV Has New Channel Numbers for Comcast: 1075 & 1085

April 28, 2020

Happening now! Brattleboro Community TV’s channels 8 and 10 have had a new location higher up on the cable lineup. The new numbers are:

  • 1075 for channel 8, BCTV’s public access channel
  • 1085 for channel 10, BCTV’s government and education channel. 

​​Until May 18, channels 8 and 10 will continue to be active as viewers get familiar with the new numbers. But after that, 8 and 10 will be reassigned.

The downside: We've had these channel numbers for decades, so it will be hard to change viewing habits.
The upside: The new channels are available on the Interactive Program Guide. So you can find out what program you're watching, it will be easy to find and record BCTV’s programming using your remote.

The reassignment of channels and the addition of local channels to the Interactive Program Guide adheres to the terms of Comcast’s Certificate of Public Good.

For questions about the new channel numbers, contact BCTV at 802-257-0888 or