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2017 Slow Living #5: Farm-to-Table Entrepreneurship

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PLENARY 5: Farm-to-Table Entrepreneurship: Do Good and Do Well?

What does it mean to be a food entrepreneur and source locally? It means buying and selling your goods where they are created. Restaurant owners Kevin Cleary, former owner of L’Amente and Founder of the Vermont Wine School; Stephanie Bonin, owner of Duo Restaurants (in Denver, CO and Brattleboro, VT); and Richard French II, owner of The Works (in several locations) join Moderator Tamara Stennwill to tell you what they look for and what problems they have when buying locally sourced products, while Joanna Benoit, Food Business Development Specialist at Franklin County Community Development Corporation gives tips and tricks on how to run your business so you can be a supplier to these kinds of amazing locavore restaurants.

Production Date: 
Friday, June 2, 2017 - 14:30

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