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2016 Slow Living #5: Food, Tech and Innovation - Dunne, Wolf

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CLOSING KEYNOTES: Food, Tech and Innovation

Matt Dunne, VP for Community Affairs, Google; and Clark Wolf, President & Founder of the Clark Wolf Company

Summing Up and Moving Forward: How do we integrate the most modern and useful technology while avoiding many of the pitfalls inherent in the adoption of new methods that may have unintended consequences? How do we respect and incorporate ancient wisdom, hard won communal knowledge and experience while allowing innovation to flourish? Join former Google Director of Community Affairs and Vermont Gubernatorial Candidate Matt Dunne and nationally known, James Beard Foundation Award Winning Food and Restaurant Consultant Clark Wolf as they parse the conference and help us look into a future rich with the treasures of the past and vibrant with new possibilities.

Production Date: 
Saturday, April 30, 2016 - 16:30

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