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Board of Directors

The BCTV Board of Directors meets regulary on the third Wednesday of the month at 6 PM in Room 305 of the Brattleboro Municipal Center. Meetings are open to the public, and public comments are welcome. Please call the office to confirm time and location at 257-0888.

The board is governed by the BCTV Bylaws and guided by the Vermont Open Meeting Law (updated 2014). As of July 1, 2014, approved minutes are posted on this website (see box to right). Minutes from past meetings are available at the BCTV Office upon request.

BCTV Board of Directors, 2016-17
Chris Lenois President 2015-2017
Jim Verzino Vice President 2015-2018
Martin Langeveld Treasurer 2015-2018
Lynn Barrett  Secretary 2014-2017
Alexander Beck At Large 2016-2019
Pauline Dean Appointee 2015-2017
Shanta Lee Evans-Crowley Appointee 2016-2017
Cassandra Holloway Appointed to At-Large seat to 10/17








Left to right: Executive Director Cor Trowbridge, Pauline Dean, Chris Lenois, Jim Verzino, Alex Beck. Missing from photo:  Lynn Barrett,  Shanta Lee Evans-Crowley, Cassandra Holloway, Martin Langeveld.

BCTV Board of Directors Transparency Policy (adopted 12/17/14):

BCTV is a private non-profit corporation with a public mission. As such, the BCTV board is not subject to the Vermont Open Meeting law, but is guided by it. The Board strives for a high degree of transparency and accessibility, as follows:

  • The names of all board members are posted on our web site.
  • The dates, times and locations of all board meetings are announced on our website and on the public notice bulletin board at the Brattleboro town offices.
  • All board meetings are open to the public, and time is allocated on the agenda for public comments or questions. 
  • The board may need to go into executive session to discuss personnel matters, contractual matters, legal matters or other confidential topics. Executive sessions will only be entered into after a motion in open session stating the reason for the executive session. No motions will be made or voted upon during executive sessions. When the possibility of an executive is anticipated, it will be included in the notice of the meeting. No minutes will be taken during executive sessions.
  • As of 7/1/14, minutes of regular board meetings will be posted on the BCTV web site once they have been approved by the board, and copies may be obtained at the BCTV office.